Power line stringing

In order to aid in power line stringing operations, one of the INDIAN companies, SENSEIMAGE TECHNOLOGIES, introduced drones. So, after few years of continuous research by our SENSEIAMGE team, we developed a solution for dealing with power line stringing in tough terrain, as well as it decreases risks to manpower and save time and money based on manual method.

We come in and use drones to drop the guide line between the towers, which saves a lots of time and resources towards the companies. The most of the project will have very difficult terrains to reach out, or mountainous regions, or may be river crossings, valleys, or farming lands in between, where companies need to spend a lots of time, resources to lay the initial guide line between the towers.

Power line Inspection

Power line inspection is another major application after the power line stringing. Once the transmission is started, maintaining the power transmission line is an essential mission. Power should be switched off in order to check power line using the manual method, which is expensive and may only works 60 to 70% of the period. But, using our drone in hot line inspection makes it very simple to detect power supply problems, high temperatures, power cuts, etc.