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SenseImage Technologies – Data Services and GIS Data Analysis

SenseImage Technologies specializes in the integration of advanced UAV (drone) data acquisition technologies with high performance GIS analysis and visualization tools to produce rich client specific data sets, high quality imagery, terrain feature models and geo-referenced asset inspection and facilities management information.

Industry Experts

Meet our experts for you specific needs, and ensure professional UAV data acquisition, assessment and analysis

Global View

Latest UAV technology and geomatics innovation to provide the most cost effective and timely solutions

Renowned Ability

We are well known for our focus, innovation and ability to get the job done under the most complex environments

Our Features

Get the best solutions from the industry leaders

Faster Data Acquisition

With our team of experienced drone pilots and with survey grade drones we collect aerial data 10x faster than our competitors.

Surveying / Mapping

Our tailored service of drone surveying enables us to procure precise topographic maps and 3D models of areas with unaccessible evidence.

Faster Delivery

We have team of GIS experts working around clock to process and analyse the Drone survey data to deliver on or before time.

Effective Analysis

Our team of highly experienced GIS Engineer, Drone Pilots and Software Engineers working around the clock to provide you with the best possible service experience.

One to One Support

From start to finish of project, we provide all possible support to our clients and help them in better decision making with Survey data.

Advance Equipment

Our surveying Drones are high-end and equipped with high resolution sensors for superior data quality. We use both DJI and Custom made drones for surveying.

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Our Services

Laser Scanning

Digital Topographic Information (DSM, DTM & Contour Mapping), Vegetation Health Mapping and Statistical Comparisons of Plant Health, Flow Modelling for Drainage or Spills, Spectral Mapping (Contaminant Identification, Tree Counts, Crown Areas, …), Volume, and Distance & Area Measurements for Compliance.

Engineering Grade Surveys

SenseImage Technologies leverages the latest in geomatics, Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technology and expertise to acquire seamless topographic information and aerial imagery which serve a wide variety of engineering projects.

Aerial Mapping

SenseImage Technologies leverages cutting-edge geomatics, remote sensing and GIS expertise to create custom mapping and spatial analysis solutions.

GIS Experts

GIS, Remote Sensing & Spatial Analysis

SenseImage Technologies leverages cutting-edge geomatics, remote sensing and GIS expertise to create custom mapping and spatial analysis solutions.

Thermal Inspections & Mapping

SenseImage Technologies has a unique capability to acquire and merge thermal and RGB imagery using high performance Unmanned Aerial Systems

Aerial Gas Detection/Pipeline Monitoring

SenseImage Technologies is a world leader in the successful development of the first unmanned aerial gas detection system.

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our approach

our vision

We strive to achieve our objectives

Our vision is to integrate both wings and eyes and make a robust flying machine which will become a unique work force for our clients 

our mission

We change the way you think

Senseimage Tech mission is to bring in class leading UAV/- Drones, assisted services, and provide seamless work flow to end user with best of hardware and software integration 

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SenseImage Technologies

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We developed great partnerships with SenseImage Technologies and their dedication towards providing drone service is evident in all aspects. We appreciate their attention to detail and technical approach in getting accurate data in the inspection.
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Hey guys, I just wanted to share a quick note about SenseImage Technologies. The work culture and business you guys maintain, is well mannered with all deliverables provided on time. You guys make sure that the target is achieved within stipulated time with the promised quality of data.


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