SenseImage Technologies Drone Simulator Training, with 100’s of training modules to learn from. Through our platforms you’ll learn to fly drones in real life situations before needing to risk investing or damaging expensive drone equipment. Our flight control technology is developed to provide the most realistic simulated flying experience on the market! The software is tailored for individuals, enterprises and institutions with the ability for customized solutions based on your industry and training requirements.

Drone Training Services

Individual Pilots

The Professional individual drone simulator license is for drone operators who want the full real drone simulator experience without the potential risks with a real life drone. Allowing you to train with all types of scenarios including highly focusing on preparing you to become a commercial drone pilot

Drone Training


We provided tailored drone simulator solutions for enterprises and institutions that have more than 1 drone pilots that need training. We provide an interactive learning management system to track your pilots and their progress through different training modules. This allows for the ability to focus on areas that need more attention.

Drone Training Services

Customized Solutions

Automate your business operations, upgrade your technology, or create a new proprietary software platform. Integrating drone simulator technology into your business may improve profit margins and overall operational efficiency. Contact us directly to see all the possibilities we can create together.

Drone Simulator Training

Drone Training Services
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